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Do you want a career with constant challenge, unbelievable excitement, tremendous creativity, and an ever-present shot at overnight stardom? You should add fashion to your list of potential careers. Few jobs can offer you comparable perks and rewards.

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Fashion shows are designed to introduce fashion merchandisers to the line of clothing created by the fashion designers. If that new line impresses the merchandiser, and also gels with what he/she has determined to be a new clothing trend for his/her company's specific target base, the merchandiser will carry that designer's line of clothing for the upcoming season.

Within fashion, business trends change very quickly. Those in the industry need to move faster than fashion trends in order to capitalize on consumer demand. For this reason, jobs within the fashion industry can be quite stressful. Companies often spend millions of dollars on clothing lines based on the market forecasts of their merchandising team.

Many who work in the fashion industry earn degrees in either fashion design or fashion marketing/merchandising. While in school, the fashion students learn what type of market research can best forecast style trends, and what types of clothes tend to sell well perennially, among other business courses. Fashion designers learn more about the art of creating clothing, covering topics such as fabric printing and print design, sketching for a designer and illustrator, and industry-standard pattern drafting.

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